At RPS, our one abiding passion is to provide solutions to performance issues, for both professionals and businesses, and pave the way to a better way of working.

In team sports every head coach will tell you that having the right game plan is important, but also critically important is how the game plan is executed and having the right players to execute the plan at the highest level. Excellence in execution is key to success on both the individual and organizational level. RPS is dedicated to helping you, or your business, discover the success keys that are best for your particular needs.

Radiant Professional Services can help you with individual performance, building or reviewing strategic plans, and on-site training.  These services make up our full portfolio of services to help you do whatever you do best – better.

Individual Coaching

RPS works with individuals to intelligently plan for the future while staying focused on the present.  We help you identify and acquire the new skills needed to succeed in your current position as well as set a strategy for the opportunities down the road.  We do not tell you how to do your job, but focus on the disciplines and skills leaders and managers need to execute effectively within their roles.

Strategic Planning

Not just an activity that a business owner does – Strategic planning is part of a larger process that is critical to the long-term health of any organization.  It starts with leaders identifying the vision and being able to describe the “Why”.  You are not done until you have put measures in place along the way to ensure the plan you put in place is working.  There are many steps in-between those two.

At RPS we help you through each step along the way.  Whether you are just starting out or trying to get your 10 year old company over a difficult growth barrier, we help you understand what questions to even ask.  Once that starts we guide you to the answers that keep the ball rolling.   We leave you with a self-tuning engine for success.


RPS offers a variety of professional development programs to equip individuals or teams with the skills needed to meet the demands of business.  Included is a sample of the training available and can be tailored for large or small groups.

RPS CEO George Brockman tailors each programing using his own experience and research.  George has over a decade providing training and thousands of hours in the classroom.  Workshops are lively, engaging and tailored to the audience.

Each class is customizable, and additional material is being added all the time.   Below is a small sample of some of the more popular subjects covered, ranging from one (1) hour to two (2) days in length.