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Collection of articles by George Brockman of Radiant Professional Services related to business growth and professional development

Performance Validation

Soon after the start of the industrial revolution, better ways to measure performance and to lead from what was learned from what was measured, have been sought after.  Organizations will live only as long as they respond to the realities both within the organization and outside of it.  Learning to grow and adapt is crucial […]

Peak Performer Pitfalls

Peak Performer’s Pitfalls It was over ten years into a career in computer technology before I took an interest in leadership and it took another ten years to get reasonably competent at its poor cousin, management.  It was the next five years of study into what makes a high performing professional excel and still consider myself […]

Interview Insight for the Hiring Manager

(Note: this specifically applies to executives and managers who hire other managers or skilled workers) I actually have grown to enjoy the challenge of a good interview.   By good interview, I mean one that is not a battle of wills or wits but an honest exploration of the candidate’s skillsets and fit for the team. […]

Full of Hot Air

There is a great story that demonstrates the fragile nature of communication. The utility of this story is that it has been told many dozens of ways substituting political parties, various career types, schools and so forth in its punch line. You may have your favorite personalities, and that is part of what makes it […]

Ball Field Lessons in Listening

It is the simple things in life that can carry some terrific examples of human processes. To understand how to be a better listener, for instance, we learn volumes from attending to a baseball game and watching the catcher. Sometimes thought of as a boring job, the catcher’s typical posture is squatting behind home plate […]

Email Time Management “Trick”

Companies and professionals live by the email box these days. The requests for information, the updates and requirements, the purchase orders and endless questions; they fill your box seemingly as quickly as you can clear them. There is no magic bullet for clearing the email box. The tools like spam filters are a mixed bag […]

Better Office Politics

One of the big complaints I know of for the business world in general and levied at individual companies is that of the prevalence of office Politics. As someone who talks frequently to professionals in transition and to small business owners, I hear regularly the complaint in one form or another. “The problem with small […]

Business Review – Was 2014 All It Could Have Been?

With 2014 winding down, the busy-ness of the holidays varies by your role and work style in business.  The typical employees (except in retail) are busy planning the holidays and looking forward to vacations.  They are probably seeing slower responses from emails and counting days until their time-off start.    Business leaders are undoubtedly taking a […]

High Performance Business Tires

The Business Wheel The metaphor of the wheel of industry is nothing new.  It is a staple because it is so apt and describing the motion and industrious of the business activity.  Perhaps it also is used to remove the face of business as a mechanical effort not a human one.  Nonetheless, the wheel is […]