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Collection of articles by George Brockman of Radiant Professional Services related to business growth and professional development

What is Trust?

What Does High Trust Mean Phrases come and go in common business trends and we often take for granted that everyone using it understands what it means – or even cares.  The “phrase of the day” gets tossed about in journals, LinkedIn stories and blogs and each use varies just a little.  So, what does this one […]

Reading a Book That is Wrong

Okay, not really a “wrong” book. There is terrific joy in finding a book which teaches a new thought or perspective that can be embraced or even found to be uplifting. That discovery akin to finding a diamond in the garden during routine chores. It is, however, a guilty pleasure (not all that rare given […]

Resolve to Make a Better Resolution

We look to the week between Christmas and New Years and rush to plan the parties and clean the debris of holiday wrapping and decorations. Some are likely sitting now relaxing and catching as much rest before returning to work (or going to the office to finish whatever business remains before the year turns).

The Seven Deadly (to your career) Email Sins

Both in Christian religious tradition and classical literature the listing of the seven deadly sins have stood the test of time. With deep respect for both the literary and religious origins, it is worth a look at them as a way to review how many professionals can mortally wound (deadly) their careers and credibility by […]

Know where you are going

Lack of clear direction in an organizations can be a toxin that saps effectiveness and undermines even the best performers. It can be mistaken for silo thinking – where functional areas or business units each focus on their own areas without working – and often presents itself through team battles for seemingly simple issues.

RPS Reading List

I try to share a reading list from time to time to encourage those that are interested to see and learn more for themselves. One of the repeating themes is that one way to improve your own life, is to help others improve theirs. To give generously because that’s when you are most empowered. So […]

Can managers Coach Their Subordinates?

A good manager can often find ways to provide guidance beyond the basic job management a manager does for a receptive employee. There are, however, some obstacles to the coach/boss relationship. These obstacles do not mean the manager should provide as much guidance as the employee is open to and the relationship allows, but the […]

Surviving a Job Loss

It is never easy.  Last spring I found myself without work unexpectedly (to me, at least).  So many things go through your mind but while the temptation is to drop into self pity and give yourself time to grieve, this is time to dig deep and bounce back strong.  Everyone’s resilience is different, but as […]