Surviving a Job Loss

It is never easy.  Last spring I found myself without work unexpectedly (to me, at least).  So many things go through your mind but while the temptation is to drop into self pity and give yourself time to grieve, this is time to dig deep and bounce back strong.  Everyone’s resilience is different, but as soon as possible, you need to find your balance and get back to it.  Here is just a quick list of things to remember and do.

  • Get up every day as if going to work, dress as if going to the office (or better) but not a suit unless interviewing
  • Eat healthy – no junk food or adult beverages until you are back to work (so you have something simple to celebrate with)
  • Take 1 day a week off (except for interviews) from the above routine
  • Tackle honey-dos in moderation, but make a dent in them
  • Try to line up lunch 3-5 times a week with someone. Preferably someone making as much or more than you want to be making – or a person who can get you in front of the right people to get re-hired.  This is not time to get together with drinking buddies and your bowling team
  • Find a coach, mentor that will help. Not a friend who will let you gripe and complain but someone that will talk straight with you. Meet at least once a week with that person
  • Read a book a week (non-technical and non-fiction).  You got up early and dress, you might as well treat this as part of your “work day”
  • Keep a journal – record feelings, goals, and plans to reach those goals. Goals have dates
  • As quick as you can, shake that bitterness. I have interviewed dozens of people and even the ones that think they hide it – it shows through and hurts their chances for hiring. You cannot change your last employer, but if you can change yourself – you are the better person.Just shake them off and move on with your life.
  • For the next year – even after back to work, try to eat lunch with others 3+ times a week.
  • Remember you are a loved child of God and NOTHING can change that.  This is not a religious message but one of perspective.  Remember you are loved and important, even if you do not feel like it at the moment.