One Mission – Better Business

At RPS, our one constant mission is to provide solutions to performance issues, for both professionals and businesses, and pave the way to a better way of working.

In team sports every head coach will tell you that having the right game plan is important, but also critically important is how the game plan is executed and having the right players to execute the plan at the highest level. Excellence in execution is key to success on both the individual and organizational level. RPS is dedicated to helping you, or your business, discover the success keys that are best for your particular needs.

Radiant Professional Services can help you with individual performance, building or reviewing strategic plans, and on-site training.  These services make up our full portfolio of services to help you do whatever you do best - better.

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Strategic Planning

Big or small, businesses need strategic planning.  In today's competitive and quickly evolving landscape, they are more important than ever.  Some companies choose to go small, simple, agile, and that is a strategic move in itself.  Others see the value of a comprehensive plan that acknowledges the competitive landscape and explores the risks that are often overlooked.  Big or small, agile or comprehensive, there is value in a guided development of your business' strategy.

Execution Plan

Sometimes viewed as a subset of the strategic plan, by treating this as a separate plan it focuses the attention on the energy and effort required to ensure the plan is put into action and followed.  Some see this as an internal governance plan, it ensures that communication, reflects the expectations of the leadership and the means to validate each decision towards the shared objectives.

Performance Verification

Are you measuring performance meaningfully?  Some of the biggest mistakes an organization can make is by setting measures that do not measure the progress towards the strategic plan.  

Performance Validation

You made your plan, you are executing that plan, and collecting loads of data.  Is your data - a collection of facts - providing meaningful information?  Are you able to learn and improve based on what you see in the reports you collect each month?  More than the P&L statement from accounting, there are indicators in business offer insight into how your business is performing (or not performing).