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Podcast Radiant Cast – by Radiant Professional Services

Better Job Descriptions

Better Job Descriptions On today’s episode we are going to be exploring the Job Description.   You can find a wide range of implementations of job descriptions in companies – from the rigid and formal ones to those companies that just haven’t gotten around to defining them. Those are typically the smaller companies that have grown […]

Trapped Customers Part 2 of 2

Today is the continuation from last week’s episode on the subject of Trapped Customers. In the first episode on the subject we defined what we mean by “trapped” customer and some of the pitfalls. In this episode we will look at how to avoid or respond to the situation. Sometimes it is inevitable, but they […]

Trapped Customers – Part 1 of 2

Today is the first part in a two part episode on the issue of Trapped Customers. In the first episode on the subject we will define what we mean by Trapped Customers and explain some of the dangers. In our second episode we will look at some ways to confront the issue and turn the […]

Business Insurance

Today we are going to talk about something near and dear to my heart – an area of risk management. As an old project manager I am looking for ways to minimize risk to protect myself and my business or team. This is an area some may not normally thing about as risk management – […]

Business Identity

Business Identity How do you know if you have a business identity crisis?  How bad would it be if you did?  Learn more in this edition of Radiant Cast. How do you think your customer feels when talking to your employees and they get different responses in either real answers or even in tone

Launch – Radiant Cast

Thank you for downloading and listening to Radiant Professional Services’ inaugural podcast – Radiant Cast. We cast a light on some of the challenges and pitfalls of business execution. Whether you are a business owner, business leader, manager or just someone who wants to climb the professional ladder – this podcast equips people with the […]