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Radiant Professional Services – Training Programs

RPS offers a variety of professional development programs to equip individuals or teams with the skills needed to meet the demands of business.  RPS head George Brockman tailors each program by coupling his own experience and research.  George has over a decade providing training and thousands of hours in the classroom.  Workshops are lively, engaging and tailored to the audience.  Included is a sample of the training available and can be tailored for large or small groups.

Each class is flexible in size, and additional material is being added all the time.   Below is a small sample of some of the more popular subjects covered, ranging from one (1) hour to two (2) days in length.

Time Management: Making the Most for What Matters Most

Time is MoneyThey used to say about land - we can’t make any more. Now countries have build islands for airports, resorts and even residential communities. However, it is still true of time. In this course we look at how to spend time better by better organizing and prioritizing our spend of time. Find the time-wasters and develop strategies to reduce them. Also covered are strategies for how to respond when there are more demands on our time than will fit in our hour-budget.

Effective Communications - Leadership Beyond Authority

Do we wait for the right job title before we can take leadership?  The common lament is that we are responsible for much but authorized for so little.  So how do we get people on board and get people moving in the same direction.  This program looks at the styles of leadership and ways that we can develop a leadership approach that matches our values while maximizing our ability to get the right things done.

Customer Service Training

The customer is king - has been and always will be. So how do you know you are giving good "customer service." Some think this would be a great class for a call center employee (and of course, it would be) but we all have customers and need to know how to serve them better. In this class, we will review why customers matter, how to be sure the way we are delivering keeps them satisfied, and how to deal with difficult customers.

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” - John F. Kennedy

Project Management Certification Training

Whether preparing for the PMP ® certification exam or just brushing up any of the standard tools as defined by industry standards organizations, this covers the spectrum. Project Management (PM) training gives practitioners the tools to plan, execute and control projects of all sizes. Credentialed PMP are used for all of our PMP related training.

Effective Goal Setting

Well-crafted goals have the power to focus energy which makes success much more likely. To set goals that are likely to stick, though, you have to follow some basic guidelines to setting those goals and to pursuing them. This class gives you the tools to learn to set those goals effectively and a workshop for practicing and testing your own goal setting ability.

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”- Benjamin Franklin

CYA- The Right Way

It is a business acronym for a common email in workplaces around the US: “Cover Your ***”. Aside from being coarse, the email is reluctantly seen in some places as a necessary evil that protects the sender from blame down the road. At RPS, we build the case that the better alternative is the “Complete Your Accountability” approach. This class teaches alternatives to the traditional CYA by teaching strategies to replace a defensive backside covering approach with a proactive effort that takes a higher, more professional road.

RPS Training Philosophy

As with so much of communication, training is a personal experience and part of a social contract between learner and instructor that requires both parties to participate in the process. There are frequently barriers in this process. RPS training is designed to meet the specific needs of the client’s requirements. From special subject approaches to highly interactive delivery, each engagement is tuned to clear barriers to learning and maximizes your success.

Note:  PMP ® certification is administered by Project Management Institute (PMI).  RPS is not affiliated with, and claims no endorsement by, PMI