Performance Validation

Soon after the start of the industrial revolution, better ways to measure performance and to lead from what was learned from what was measured, have been sought after.  Organizations will live only as long as they respond to the realities both within the organization and outside of it.  Learning to grow and adapt is crucial […]

Leadership Paths

Business leaders have a simple choice.  The first and most common is to lead forward on the steady path and encourage those following to stay true and keep up the good effort.  This leadership choice is a helpful one in many cases because it keeps the forward progress going and can even stay vigilant of […]

Time Construction

Is there such a thing as Time Construction? Usually when people say something like “I need to make time to exercise” or “I have decided to make time for my family”; what they are usually planning to do is to carve out time from their current schedule and take time from something else.  It is […]

Driver and Passenger

Next time you are traveling by car, consider the different ways people experience the trip – based on “roles”. A driver feels the experience of the trip in a very different manner way than a passenger. Whether they are in the front or back seats, a passenger’s experience can also vary. The experience can be […]

Peak Performer Pitfalls

Peak Performer’s Pitfalls It was over ten years into a career in computer technology before I took an interest in leadership and it took another ten years to get reasonably competent at its poor cousin, management.  It was the next five years of study into what makes a high performing professional excel and still consider myself […]

Better Job Descriptions

Better Job Descriptions On today’s episode we are going to be exploring the Job Description.   You can find a wide range of implementations of job descriptions in companies – from the rigid and formal ones to those companies that just haven’t gotten around to defining them. Those are typically the smaller companies that have grown […]

Trapped Customers Part 2 of 2

Today is the continuation from last week’s episode on the subject of Trapped Customers. In the first episode on the subject we defined what we mean by “trapped” customer and some of the pitfalls. In this episode we will look at how to avoid or respond to the situation. Sometimes it is inevitable, but they […]