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This book was written for two types of people. The first is the employee who feels frustrated that their communications are hitting a wall that is keeping the right people from responding in the right way at the right time. Those people are looking for ways to get through and break the existing impasse. If this is you, you may even have surrendered and are sending CYA’s. Help yourself by learning this alternative approach.

The second type of people is those that are working with the first group and seeing increasingly panicked messages. These messages seem unclear, rambling or even accusing. The sender may not know how to communicate more effectively and end up either giving up or lashing out. Help them (and yourself) by some indirect nudging or some clear and direct mentoring.

Learn how CYA+: Complete Your Accountability can lead to a more effective way to work with teams.

George Brockman is a Birmingham, Alabama native with an unusual background for an author of business communications books. After 20 years of technology work, he left the coding world for the world of helping professionals be more successful through better communication. Learn the lessons he did without making some of the same wrong choices.

ISBN – 978-0-692-49104-1