Corporate Retreats

River Rat George BrockmanBusiness retreats can be parties or they can be valuable business events that invest back into your team.  Whether to build team spirit, teach leadership, or to reward your hard working team with a little excitement; done correctly they can be a powerful opportunity.  Make the most with good exhilarating fun!

RPS is proud to be partnering with certified kayak instructor Helen Todd of Fluid Communications to offer corporate retreats where team building, leadership and other objectives help draw teams together and build camaraderie.

Event themes include:

  • Team Work with Individual Excellence
  • Leadership and the Empowered Individual
  • Pushing the Boundaries – Raising Your Bar

And many more – we work with your leadership to build on themes within your organization.

Call or email today for pricing and event options.  We can build full service events or work with your event team.