Business Training

Learn critical business skills and concepts in brief manageable sessions from the convenience of your computer, phone or tablet. These online sessions have been designed with focus on critical business information based on 30 years of technology and general business. Here, learners can explore the theoretical side of business but focus on actionable principles that empower and equip leaders. Each session is professionally developed and includes a test at the end to help the learner measure how well you were able to retain and apply the material.

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Better Communication – From Protective to ProactiveThe common CYA (Cover Your ***) messaging that includes emails and comments that only serve to protect the messenger. Turning defensive communication to proactive team spirited messaging is possible and powerfully effective. Learn these basic principles and others that can turn your communication (and your teams) around.May 15, 2020
Mind Set – Skill Set – Tool SetThe three (mind set, skill set, tool set), each have their clear distinctive value. Some are more valuable than others to different organizations and in different roles but they all are interrelated. Understanding the relationship between the three and how to leverage them can make big changes in your career and in your ability to be effective.May 25, 2020
Organizational Alignment – Driving TogetherEach layer of an organization, every functional unit, has perspective and objectives that represent the focus of their efforts. Getting all of that energy focused on shared value is a challenge but it is one that can be achieved. Learn the principles of organizational alignment and how you can contribute to improved results through focused efforts. This covers organizational Strategy to Execution.June 5, 2020
Motivation – From Theory to ActionWhat is it that drives a person to work harder or at a higher quality in their job? Paycheck? Titles? Often people misunderstand the motivations of their peers and subordinates and that misunderstanding costs businesses millions of dollars each year. Learn about the different drivers that could be at play in your team, then learn how to leverage those to get the best efforts from the future high performers on your team.June 15, 2020
Systems Thinking in BusinessMany people view the business as a whole based on the a few primary functions. Often, these employees serving with an organization bring their own bias towards the job role which is perceived as a primary role for the organization. For example: “The key to this organization’s success is the IT group because……”.

Systems Thinking is a way of addressing the business by recognizing the full-complex reality of all the factors that impact operations and business success. Learn how to adjust your perspective to include the whole system that makes up your organization’s success.
June 25, 2020
Meaningful MetricsMetrics can either help or hurt business performance. Learn to define and collect the metrics that will help your organizational performance and recognize the ones that will actually work against your organization.July 1, 2020

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